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dimanche, 07 mai 2006

Bush rebel :la garce deteste le las vegas state of mind(and traditional american fast food)

I'm spending the next few days eating very light and balanced. My stomach just couldn't take any more of this heavy, rich crap I've been cramming into it lately. I guess I'm a bit of a masochist then, since I've spent the majority of the afternoon watching the Food Network.

Right now Unwrapped is on, and it's all about Vegas specialties. No, not herpes and crack whores—though Las Vegas does boast some of the finest around—but Las Vegas food specialties.

They taped some footage inside a more "upscale" and "expensive" buffet, which proved brutally honest in its portrayal of the average Las Vegas patron. From the midwest housewife in her pink and white striped shirt and gold hoop earrings, to the geriatric couple going for their fifth helping of dessert, this buffet had it all.

I'm happy to never go to Vegas. I've tried, and let me tell you there are many easier and more pleasant ways to .....get  HERPES


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