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lundi, 22 mai 2006

Los angeles=20 MAY 2006 MADONNA(l'air vulnérable) VA PRIER(combien d'heures de sport et de secte et de répétitions???)

Madonna kicked off her new Confessions world tour in Los Angeles on Saturday – and showed it will be her most controversial routine ever.
As my snap shows, at one point Madge appears hanging from a cross, which is sure to stoke up a backlash from Christians.
The show, which features lots of rubber, leather and bondage gear, will open with her emerging from a giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling.
She will also poke fun at her horse accident by appearing in full riding gear, complete with crop. Before Saturday’s gig, which was a private show for friends, family and record label staff, the pop legend attended a Kabbalah meeting with husband Guy Ritchie to mentally prepare for the opening night.
Fans were shocked to see Madonna looking the thinnest she has ever been after weeks of gruelling rehearsals for her energetic show.
Tomorrow I will bring you a live review from the official first night of the tour, which arrives in Britain at the end of July.


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