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dimanche, 21 mai 2006


medium_truiecrucifiee.jpgFuture Lovers - As Madonna and equestrian images appeared on the big screen Madonna arrived at the end of the runway stage in a big giant disco ball. No surprises there. She sang Future Lovers in a very bondage-horsetraining outfit while the matching dancers performed 'pony play' movements. It was all very bondage, very sexual, very animalistic. The rumors of Madonna going into 'I Feel Love' are true; she sings a few verses and returns to 'Future Lovers'.

2. Get Together - This song was the album version and didn't deviate too much. She performed this song with two dancers and it was quite clear that our gal was nervous!

3. Like A Virgin - Madonna asked 'how am I doing?' before moving into a new version of Like A Virgin. Images of broken bones and horse hooves flashed on the screen as Madonna moved up the ramp to get on a saddle. She rode around, did a small pole dance as footage of horses bucking riders flashed around.

4. Jump - Video images of moving buildings played in the background as dancers perform acrobatic dance movements on the stage. Pretty impressive, lots of energy, tons of skill. DEFINITELY exciting. At the end of the number Madonna disappears into the stage and all the cages and forms return to the ceiling.

5. Live To Tell - This number begins with spoken words and three small stories as told by the dancers. Themes of domestic abuse, self-cutting and gang banging appear on the screen with big quotes before Madonna appears in the most controversial set up yet. Madonna comes down on a big mirrored crucifix while wearing a crown of thorns. Dressed in a red blouse and black pants, she sings the entire number while hanging on the cross as AIDS messages appear above. All in all it was a very moving performance.

6. Forbidden Love - Very straight-forward like the album. Dancers come on stage and do only what I can call 'the arm dance', with Madonna eventually joining in. Very creative, very visually interesting.

7. Isaac - I had no idea that the actual Isaac would be on stage with her, and it was extremely refreshing to hear him sing live. A dancer in the background slides around the stage as Madonna moves front and center to sing her lines. Desert videos project in the background as Madonna dances.

8. Sorry - The intro performed live is actually the Pet Shop Boys' version. Madonna dons a leather jacket and performs a routine very similar to the video.

9. Like It Or Not - Madonna has a very rough start on this song at her first performance. It eventually smoothes itself out and she ends the song with a fantastic dance with a chair at the end of the runway.

10. Sorry Video Reprise - Madonna runs off stage and we return with a video remix of Sorry. This time it's directed towards politicians as they are interjected between chips of Madonna. This version features a very heavy techno dancehall reggaeton sound. 'Don't Talk. Don't Speak' are repeated over and over in big giant letters. A fight happens onstage.

11. I Love New York - Madonna puts on a big coat and performs with guitar. A few technical difficulties force her to switch guitars twice. 'I can't hear my guitar!' she screams.

12. Ray Of Light - A slight variance of the original, with Madonna playing guitar as dancers in black satin outfits and white ties do a very 80s-inspired dance. A great number, but Madonna looks incredibly uncomfortable. Her voice reflects that. It's not the best Ray Of Light performance she's done.

13. Let It Will Be - Madonna takes of the jacket for a COMPLETELY revamped version of this song. Harder, louder, distorted and gritty, and we see the video projects go live for once. They feature a posterized, very 80's style Madonna singing the song in real time. It's very local cable access and pretty damn fantastic! A great effect. Very inspiring to hear her scream and sing over and over again 'Just watch me burn!'

14. Drowned World/Substitute For Love - Madonna screams 'Are you awake yet?' since the audience was so quiet. I believe that's only because we were such a SMALL audience. At any rate, she takes this moment to sit down and sing, especially after the last electrically-charged number. This version is very easy listening, very John Denver, if you can imagine. But it's great.

15. Paradise (Not For Me) - Madonna says 'This is my friend Isaac! as he joins her in a revamped version of Paradise. She plays the guitar beautifully in this number.

16. Disco Inferno/Music Mashup - Madonna changes the pace completely at this point of the show by introducing the song with a super-hyper collage of images and audio of past Madonna over the past 23 years. Dancers come out on rollerskates - YES, ROLLERSKATES - and Madonna returns in the 70's white Travolta-inspired leisure suit. Make sure to keep an eye out for how great she looks in the music video as she dances in a shimmery red dress. Music sounds great with Disco Inferno. The dance at the end is pure Madonna and shows a great sense of camp and humor. This number puts EVERYONE in a good mood.

17. Erotica - WHOA! Completely reworked and quite wonderful! A group dance number accompanies this very different version of the song as the 'Confessions'-style disco balls shine overhead.

18. La Isla Bonita - Reworked and totally different. Very tropical with a latin-house flavor and percussion. The group dances in front of tropical images and ocean views.

19. Lucky Star - Madonna falls to the ground as two dancers put a big giant cape on her. The cape reads 'Dancing Queen' and is shiny on the inside. Very fun. This version of Lucky Star is different and goes right into Hung Up.

20. Hung Up - This number is remixed and the costumes and choreography is similar to other Hung Up performances. She leads the audience in singing 'Time Goes By So Slowly'

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