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mercredi, 24 mai 2006

Madonna inspirée par dali! et puis quoi encore?

medium_01.6.jpgMadonna is a well known collector of paintings by artists from the first half of the 20th century (Leger, Picasso, De Lempika, and Kahlo etc.). From the same period is the surrelist work of Spanish-Catalan painter Salvador Dali.
On The Confessions Tour during 'Live To Tell', Madonna's choice of hanging on a modern style dimensional cross instead of the traditional flat wood design is vaguely reminsicent of the 1954 Dali painting 'Crucifixion'. Dali describes his picture as 'Metaphysical, transcendent cubism'.
Madonna's cross used on the tour is not a exactly a 'hypercube' as in the painting (it would have been difficult for her to both lay flat and be supported), but the dimensional cubical element in the design is an obvious similarity. Perhaps this image was an inspiration?


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